Ankara İşbank Museum and Economic Independence Museum

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Ankara Türkiye İş Bank Economic Independence Museum

Founded by Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk in 1924, Türkiye İş Bank put this historical building in Ulus, one of the capital's landmarks, into service in 2019 as the “Türkiye İş Bank Economic Independence Museum” in order to share its experience, which is of great importance in terms of national economic history, with the society. . In the museum, the great steps that our country has taken towards economic independence since the foundation of the Republic are discussed together with the history of the Bank.

The third Headquarters building of Türkiye İş Bank in Ulus is one of the landmarks of Ulus, which was designed as a management and financial center in the early Republican period. The building was designed by Giulio Mongeri, one of the famous architects of the period, in the style of the First National Architectural Movement, inspired by the forms of the Seljuk and Ottoman Classical Periods.

The corner of the building, which sits on an isosceles triangular plan, facing the Hakimiyet-i Milliye square, defines the facade of the building and the main entrance with its “Art Nouveau” style canopy. The building, which is one of the symbols of republican modernization, is the starting point of many public places, and social and cultural buildings located on both sides of the boulevard extending to Çankaya.

The November safe deposit box section in the basement of the historic building and the originally protected areas on the ground and first floors have been opened for visitors. On the ground and first floors, photographs, documents, objects, and films in the Bank's collection on the history of economic independence are also exhibited. On the second floor, there is a permanent exhibition entitled “Türkiye İş Bank Presents Proudly”, which describes the Bank's communication activities and social contributions.

The third and fourth floors of the building are, respectively, the art gallery and the periodical exhibition areas. The temporary exhibition floor hosts the “İstiklal” exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the National Struggle, one of which was opened in Istanbul. The top floor of the museum is designed as training-activity halls and workshops and seminars are organized for children and adult groups.

Türkiye İş Bank Economic Independence Museum can be visited free of charge on Mondays, on the first days of Ramadan and Sacrifice Feasts, and every day between 10:00 am. and 17:00 pm, except for January 1.

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Ankara İşbank Museum and Economic Independence Museum Çam Sokak No: 3 Ulus/Altındağ
+90 (312) 311-4268
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