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Cin Ali is the main character of the series consisting of 10 story books written by educator Rasim Kaygusuz to teach children to read and make them love it. Cin Ali, who has been the hero of the first book read by primary school freshmen since 1968, is also a cultural value and a common point between generations growing up with it.

Cin Ali Education and Culture Foundation was established in 2016 with the aim of preserving, keeping alive, and spreading the cultural heritage of Cin Ali to society. The Cin Ali Museum and the Cin Ali Child and Educational Research Library are located in the foundation building on Ankara Bülten Street. The Cin Ali Museum was opened for visitors in November 2019.

Cin Ali has been maintaining its existence and the interest of its fans since 1968. This interest and love is the most important power that carries Cin Ali from generation to generation. Your tour of the museum, which was established to tell the life story of Cin Ali, who stands as our first hero in the most beautiful place of our childhood memories, starts with your voice saying "Cin Ali is ours" even though the education models have changed over the years. 

Genie Ali has a real family, whom you met in the books.  The important place of the family that made him exist and supported him to live today in our educational history is presented in exhibitions in different areas of the museum.  

The oldest books of Cin Ali and the story of the distribution of books all over the country and abroad are also one of the most interesting areas of the museum. In the museum, its author Rasim Kaygusuz stands out with his unknown aspects as much as Cin Ali. Reading instruments with games, which Rasim's teacher was an educational inventor and developed in 1960, is one of the most surprising and entertaining areas of the museum.

Like Cin Ali's father, his mother is a teacher. In some parts of her education life, she taught blind children. The Cin Ali Six Points section in the museum keeps this memory alive. Inspired by Cin Ali's mother, Cin Ali Six Dots, run by the Cin Ali Education and Culture Foundation, added both Cin Ali and new and different reading materials to the education of children who did not see the project. This paraphernalia is also on display in the museum. Cin Ali inspires all of us about our social responsibilities at Six Points.

Cin Ali Museum has an extraordinary design that combines information and entertainment. Within the museum areas, you can wear the costumes consisting of black aprons in Class 1/A, play the games presented in different areas and watch animated films inspired by the books of Cin Ali.  No matter what mood you enter the Cin Ali Museum, you will feel childishly happy when you leave, and you will feel seven years old when you enter, no matter what age you enter.

Cin Ali was born and raised in Ankara.  Cin Ali's books carry traces of Cin Ali from Ankara, the capital of Ankara. In the museum, Ankara, where Cin Ali was born and raised, appears in unexpected moments.

There is also a section in the museum where you will write a letter to Cin Ali and throw it in the mailbox. Cin Ali, who writes answers to letters, leaves a special memory to his friends and ensures that the letter culture lives on.

The museum is designed to be used not only as an exhibition space but also as an original educational space. Every corner of the museum can be used as a training area. In the Cin Ali Museum, in-museum training has been planned that is suitable for every step of formal education starting from preschool age. The training has been prepared in accordance with the contents of the museum. It promotes the acquisition of new skills while consolidating the knowledge learned in the museum.

“Filli Garden”, named after the kindergarten where Cin Ali grew up, offers Cin Ali friends a small, cute, and spacious area where they can relax. In addition to Cin Ali Books and Reading Gadgets, you can find specially designed products reflecting the simple, fun, and, rich world of Cin Ali at the "Cin Ali Store". Cin Ali Shop is also accessible via its web page. The museum also has multi-purpose areas reserved for events and seminars.


Address: Bulletin Street No:32 06680 Kavaklidere Ankara

Tel: 0312 426 80 42




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Ankara Cin Ali Museum Bülten Sokak No:32 06680 Kavaklıdere, Ankara
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