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Atatürk’s House Museum

The Atatürk’s House Museum which is located in Kayalıbağ quarter of Seyhan, Adana, is one of the best examples of traditional Adana houses built in 19th century. The two-storey building is made of brick and stone. It reflects the characteristics of Ottoman architecture. When Mustafa Kemal Atatürk came to Adana for the first time on 31 October 1918, the idea of national struggle was formed. When Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and his wife visited Adana on 15 March 1923 they stayed in this house which belonged to Suphi Pasha of Ramazanoğulları at the time. The building was restored by the “Atatürk Museum Construction and Conservation Society” and under the guidance of 6th Army Corps Commander Bedrettin Demirel and by the people’s help and donations and was organized as Atatürk Science and Culture Museum in August 1976 after having been expropriated. It was opened to public as Atatürk’s House Museum under the administration of Directorate of Museums on 19 May 1981, in the memory of the 100th Anniversary of Atatürk’s birthday. It was closed for restoration because of the damage caused by the earthquake on 27 June 1988 in Adana. It was opened to public after restoration on 15 March 2003, in the memory of the 80th Anniversary of Atatürk’s visit to Adana.

Atatürk’s visit to Adana is officially celebrated in this building every year on 15 March.

The two-storey building:

The First Floor

Study Room: The local newspapers which were published during and after the Independence War are on display in this section.

Library: There are a total of 1969 books written in Ottoman and Turkish languages. Most of the books have been collected by donations.

The Second Floor

Bedroom: Atatürk’s brass bedstead, silver threaded quilt and table cloth, traditional Maraş Style two armchairs, and a wardrobe are exhibited in this room.

Study Room: A Maraş style armchair, a table, a chair, a telephone, a cupboard and Atatürk’s portrait are exhibited in this room.

Press Room: There are bound volumes of “Yeni Adana” newspaper in a showcase and framed photos of the newspaper staff in this room.

Warrior’s Room: The portraits of Gani Grici and his fellow warriors, Gani Grici’s Medal of Honor and a clock stopped at 9:05 in memory of Atatürk’s time of death are on display in this room.

The Living Room: A walnut chair, a narghile, a metal brazier, kilims and rugs are exhibited in this section.

Hatay Room: In this room, an engraved walnut coffee table, a Turkish flag and various photos are on display.

Armoury: Various types and calibers of rifles, pistols, generals’ epaulets, a model of the house where Atatürk was born, a sample of the stone from Osmaniye which was used in Atatürk’s tomb in Anıtkabir, and also some collections of ancient coins in a showcase are on exhibited in this room.

Adjutant’s Room: In Atatürk’s adjutant’s room a brass bedstead, a silver thread quilt, a walnut overlaid wardrobe, a metal bowl, and a ewer are on display.

Kuva-yi Milliye (National Force) Room: The busts of Atatürk, İsmet İnönü and other members of Kuva-yi Milliye who initiated the movement and of people distinguished for their efforts during the period are in this room.

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