Adıyaman Mount Nemrut

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Extraordinarily beautiful monumental sculptures on the slopes of Mount Nemrut are located in Kahta District of Adıyaman. These magnificent ruins of the Hellenistic Period spread over the East, West and North terraces of Nemrut at an altitude of 2206 meters, creating a magnificent view. The well-preserved 8-10-meter-high sculptures built by the Commagene King Antiochos I to show his gratitude to the gods and their ancestors were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1987. The independent kingdom founded by Mithradates I in the region called Commagene gained importance during the period of his son Antiochos I (62-63 BC). A.D. The kingdom lost her independence in the war with Rome in 72 AD.

East Terrace: It is the most magnificent and well preservedone of the three terraces built by Antiochos I. Besides statue of himself;  Commagene, the mother goddess of the country, Zeus-Orosmasdes the chief god in the middle, Apollon-Mithras next to it,  Heracles-Artagnes on the far right and the guardian eagle and lion statues are symmetrically located on both sides, which are the symbols of the kingdom.  There is also a fire altar.

West Terrace: The same sculptures on the east terrace were also erected here. There are also four reliefs of Persian ancestors.

The North Terrace was built between the East and West terraces. It is thought to have been constructed as a ceremonial road. It is one of the places where sunrise and sunset are best watched in the world.

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