Adıyaman Sofraz Mausoleum

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Adıyaman Sofraz Mausoleum

It is located in the southeast of Sofraz Village of Besni district, 45 km from Adıyaman. The upper part of the burial chamber is an earth-filled hill. The height of the tumulus, which was built in the 1st century A.D, is 15 meters, and it consists of 3 places under the earth fill; the dromos, the passage corridor, and the burial chamber. The burial chamber, which was built with cut stone, is also in the form of smooth-cut stone pavement. The transition room is accessed through an arched door to the north of the dromos. The corridor connecting the dromos to the burial chamber is in the south-north direction, its superstructure is vaulted. The burial chamber is accessed from the dromos through an arched door. In this place, there is a red painted band hanging all the way at the part where the walls meet the floor. The burial chamber is in the shape of an east-west oriented rectangle measuring 3x4 meters. The sarcophagi are located in front of the east and west walls. The sarcophagi are made of limestone and have covers.

Summer (01/06/2021 - 31/10/2021)
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Adıyaman Sofraz Mausoleum Karaağaç, 02300 Üçgöz/Besni/Adıyaman
+00 (416) 216-2929
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