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Ankara Gordion Archaeological Site

It was founded in 1963 next to a small village of 500 inhabitants known as Yassıhöyük. Today, a chronological exhibition is presented at the Gordion Museum, and each period is represented with characteristic examples. There are works from the Old Bronze Age, followed by the Early Phrygian Period, which ended with King Midas. Among these artifacts, handmade pottery belonging to the Early Iron Age, iron tools belonging to the Early Phrygian Age, and textile production tools are exhibited. A typical building belonging to the destruction level dating back to 700 BC is exhibited in the panoramic showcase in the new exhibition hall. In the rest of the new hall, imported ancient Greek pottery, Hellenistic and Roman Period materials, from BC 6th century BC-4th century AD, are exhibited. In the last section, visitors will have the opportunity to watch the seals and coins found in Gordion.


The area around Gordion is covered with tumuli of various sizes dating back to the last quarter of the 8th century BC and the middle of the 6th century BC. The tumuli are the tombs of Phrygian nobles and notables. Among these tumuli, the Great Tumulus, which is Türkiye's second largest tumulus with a diameter of 300 m and a height of 55 m, has a magnificent view. The excavation of the tumulus was carried out in 1957. In the early 1960s, the masterpiece of Turkish engineering was opened to the public as a result of the completion of the concrete support construction.


The tomb, which was unearthed as a result of illegal excavation in 1954, was later named the "O" tumulus by the Gordion excavation team. At the end of half a century, the mausoleum was destroyed by humans and nature. The monument was saved from destruction with the intervention of the Ministry of Culture. The stone blocks of the tomb, of which various drawings were made by museum experts, were numbered and moved to the new garden of the Gordion Museum. The tomb, which was reconstructed in the Gordion Museum garden in 1999, was opened to visitors.


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Ankara Gordion Museum Yassıhöyük Köyü, 06900 Polatlı /Ankara
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