Kırıkkale Keskin Sulu Cave

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Watery Cave

It is an ideal location for you to have a good time and take beautiful photos with its mysterious and magical atmosphere. The 115-meter section, which includes the pool area where the water coming from the rocks accumulates, can be visited for tourism purposes.

Located in the Keskin district, Sulu Cave is a semi-natural and semi-artificial cave. It was used as a mine gallery in ancient times. The landscaped cave is open to visitors and awaits its guests.

The cave, with a total length of 285 meters, consists of three interconnected floors and three galleries, respectively called the pool hall, cubed gallery, and sub-mine gallery. There is marble in one part of the cave, mudstone, and sandstone in the other part. The entrance section opened in marbles and the pool hall is a natural section and belongs to the Pliocene Relief period. It is thought that the pool hall was used as a settlement and temporary shelter during the Early Christian period.

Until recently, ore was mined in the cube gallery in the east and the lower gallery in the southeast direction, located in the natural part of the cave.

The narrow passages connecting the natural and artificial sections were built with stone walls built in the Early Christian period. The deepest point of the cave, most of which was opened as a mining quarry, is 25 meters and the ceiling height is evaluated between 1-4 meters. Artificial galleries consisting of three floors were formed as a result of the mineral purchase.

Its average humidity is 85% and its temperature is 18 degrees. In ancient times, pools with a depth of 2 meters were built to collect the rainwater flowing in rainy periods.

In the research carried out in 2019 by Kırıkkale University Faculty of Medicine Department of Chest Diseases Lecturer Prof. Dr. Mehmet EKİCİ, laboratory samples were taken from Sulu Cave and it was determined that the cave had a positive effect on human health. It has been stated that thanks to the rich negative ions in the cave, people will breathe easier, the negative ions in question will enable us to throw out the positive ions we are loaded with during our natural life, and even breathe the existing air will have a pain-relieving effect.

Sulu Cave was opened to visitors by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2019 after the "Emergency Response Application" procedures were completed. It serves as an archaeological site affiliated with the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations.

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Kırıkkale Keskin Sulu Cave Altuntaş, İmamı Azam Sk., 71800 Keskin/Kırıkkale
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