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The building of Mevlevi Lodge, which is situated in Kaleiçi that is one of the most touristic areas of Antalya as the touristic capital of Turkey, is from Seljukian Period. There is no tablet of the building but it is thought that the building was built by Sultan Alaeddin Keykubad, in 1255 and was started to be as Mevlevi Lodge in 16th century. The museum is a buildings complex consisting of Mevlevi Lodge, Bath and tombs of Zincirkıran Mehmet bey and Nigar Hatun and informing boards about mevleviyeh, visualisations, dresses and various wares about mevleviyeh are exhibited inside it. At the same time, the building is hosting activities like classes about Islamic Philosophy and Idea, reading activities about Mesnevi and Divan, seminars, sufi music concerts and whirling ceremonies.

In the part called as Mevlevi Lodge, the main space covered with a dome was the place which whirling ceremonies was arranged. Six rooms near this area were used by the Mevlevi dervishes. Building period of the Bath of Mevlevi Lodge is not known but by looking at its plan and dimensions it is understood that the building was constructed in 13th century as a “Bath of Palace” in order to serve for a special group of people more than used to be a public bath but it was started to be used as the Bath of Mevlevi Lodge, starting in Ottoman Period. One of the buildings in the complex is the Tomb of Nigar Hatun, who is mother of Sultan Korkut, son of 2nd Beyazıt. The other tomb dated to 1377 is built by Mehmet Bey, who is named as Zincikıran because of capturing the city of Antalya by breaking the chain in the harbour. Inside the tomb, there are also his son with Mehmed Bey and Mustafa Dede Efendi, who was the Sheikh of Mevlevi Lodge of Antalya.  

In Anatolia, which is the area consisting the large part of Turkey of present time, different types of nations and religions were living in peace and tranquility for thousands of years. We have to say that the philosophers and opininon leaders of the period played a role contributing with the state policies to provide this peace and tranquility environment. One of these people is Mevlana Celaleddin Rumi, who lived in 13th century and after his death the Mevleviyeh Sect, which was built on toleration, love, union and integration ideas, was founded. To dissipate this thought, which doesnt exclude aynbody and based on to live together with brotherhood, also for giving education and istill ethics to people, more than 140 Mevlevi Lodges were built in Anatolia, Balkans, Africa and Arab Peninsula.


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Antalya Mevlevi Lodge Museum Yivli Minare Külliyesi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Selçuklu Mahallesi, No 55, 07050 ANTALYA
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