Antalya Elmalı Museum

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Antalya Elmalı Museum

Our Museum, which was transformed into a separate Directorate affiliated with the provincial organization of our Ministry, was opened to visitors on 13.06.2011 with the decision of the Council of Ministers numbered 2011/1655, which was published in the Official Gazette dated 28.04.2011 and numbered 27918. The districts of Elmalı and Korkuteli were designated as areas of responsibility.

The Old Government House with a two-story central plan located in Elmalı Merkez İplik Pazarı Neighborhood, 194 blocks 1 parcel was restored and converted into a museum building.

The exhibition in the 8 showcases is located in the administrative section on the entrance floor of the museum building and in hall no 1 on the left side of the entrance started with the late Chalcolithic Bağbaşı works and continued with the first bronze period works of Karataş Semahöyük. Again on the same floor, selected examples of tombs and storage vessels from the same periods are exhibited. In Hall 3, 3 pithos graves found in the Karataş Semahöyük cemetery are exhibited in their original positions. The artefacts found in the Hacımusalar Höyük and Karaçakır excavations are exhibited in exhibition hall 1 on the right side of the first floor. In other showcases, the finds from the Karaburun, Kızılbel, and Bayındır Tumulus excavations are exhibited. In Hall 3, Lycian City coins and Roman imperial coins are exhibited. Imitation samples belonging to the 5th century BC Elmalı treasure are exhibited in hall 5 on the left side of the 1st floor. In hall 6, votive steles, sarcophagi, and sculpture fragments from the Roman-Byzantine period, daily use containers, jewelry, and selected samples of medical instruments are exhibited. Architectural pieces belonging to the Roman-Byzantine Period found around Elmalı are exhibited in 7 halls. The Karaburun and Kızılbel burial chambers, which have been reconstructed in their original dimensions, are presented to the visitors with colorful pictures of the walls in halls 4 and 8 of the 1st floor.

The backyard has been used as an open display area, and tomb steles, column fragments, and architectural elements belonging to the Hellenistic, Roman, and Byzantine periods are also exhibited here. The basement of the building is used as an artifacts warehouse.


Summer (04/04/2022 - 30/09/2022)
08:30-20:00 Saturday 08:30-20:00 Sunday 08:30-20:00
Box Office Closed 20:00
Winter (30/09/2022 - 31/03/2022)
08:30-17:30 Saturday 08:30-17:30 Sunday 08:30-17:30
Box Office Closed 17:30

Antalya Elmalı Museum İplik Pazarı Mah. Hükümet Cad. No:89 Elmalı / ANTALYA
+90 (242) 618-4442
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