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The city is located on foot of a rocky hill called Şahinkaya, which is surrounding the settlement like a wall from the north side. Because of this location, it is called as Arykawanda means The Place Near The High Rocky, in language of Luwi and in time it turned to Arykanda.

Arykanda is firstlu localizated by British explorer-voyager Charles FELLOWS, in 1838, based on the epitaphs and coins found on the earth.

The city was intensely inhabited especially on Hellenistic and Roman Ages. The earliest architectural datas are the rock tombs, which are dated to the end of 4th century to beginning of 3rd century BC.

Arykanda, with its location on the most important main roads of East Lycia,  was prospering from lumber trade in spite of the fact that it wasn’t playing an active role on politic events of Lycian history. The city got the characteristic of being a safe housing and recreation area owing to its reach water supplies, in Roman Empire Age. The prime of the city was on 2nd and 3rd century AD. The east and west borders of the city, which is a typical slope settlement, was surrounded with steep clifs, while north side was surrounded by Şahinkaya hill. The most important ruins of this city, which is located on terraces, are gymnasium and the roman bath on the lower terrace and theatre, odeon, stadion, agore and small roman bath on the upper terrace. Also, there are Traianus and Helios temples on acropolis, basilica at Naltepe and church at east necropolis. There are no city walls of the city, but we can say that the terraces takes on this task on behalf of city walls.


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Antalya Arykanda Archaeological Site Arif Köyü, Finike-ANTALYA
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