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The name of the city was seen as “Estvediya” over the Aspendos coins from 5th to 4th century BC and it is a city minting with its own name so as Side.

The name of Aspendos city, which was a member of Attica-Delos Marine League, became prominent with the loss of Persian navy coming from the Köprüçay (Eurmedon) Stream, which is located in front of Aspendos and getting Access from the city to sea those days,  to Kimon of Athens, in 468 BC. The Great Alexander received the messengers of Aspendos and didnt attack the city, by providing that the city pay the taxes to him instead of Persians, in 333 BC. Therefore the public of Aspendos made a backtracking while The Great Alexander was blockading the city of Sillyon, he gave up the blockade of Sillyon and started to walk on Aspendos, but this time they prevented their city’s demolition by giving a guarantee about keeping their promise. But this time Alexander greged and punished the public of Aspendos by stipulating conditions of 100 golden talents of tax, 4000 horses and a Macedonian garrison inside the city. After the death of Alexander, the city conquered by Hellenistic kingdoms, in 133 BC it is binded to Rome as the other cities, so that it had a great development under Roman domination in 2nd and 3rd centuries AD. Most of the buildings seen at Aspendos today are from Roman Age. Aspendos was highly effected from the Arabian attacks on 7th century and it was taken by the Seljukians came to region in 12th century and the theater building was particularly used as a palace.

The theater and aquaducts of the city, which took the advantages of the Köprüçay river’s transportation opportunities heading to Mediternean Sea, are monumental. The sequence of 1 km lengthy aquaducts, which are bringing water from the mountains on the north, are revealing a magnificent engineering skill and they are one of the rare samples reaching from ancient times to present day.

Aspendos Theater is one of the most excellent examples of Roman Age theaters on present day, not only with its architectural specialities but also its nicely conservation. The building was dedicated to gods and empires and it shows the last lines of Roman theater architecture and building technics. The theater, which was one of the majestic buildings of its period, have a capacity of 15 thousand people. Over the hill, which the theater is leaning and locally surrouded by city walls, there are agora, basilica, monumental fountain, parliament building, monumental arch, street and the Hellenistic temple.

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