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            Termessos is an important ancient city located on the valley between the peaks of the Solymos Mountain, which is called as “Güllük” nowadays, in the southwest of the Pisidia Region, whicj was used to be called as “Milyas”. The city was founded by the Solyms, which are descended from Luvis, whom are one of the oldest communities of Anatolia. The city is one of the best ancient cities, preserved in between the mountains ans is inside the national park which is called as the same with the city. Güllük Mountain (Termessos) National Park is a unique area with its rich plant cover and animal diversity, including also some of relict species.

            The first Show up of the city in the stage of history is with the blockade of Alexander the Great in 333 BC and the defence of the people of Termessos against it, without any surrender.

            The remainings of the city starts with the Hellenistic Period City Walls around Yenicekahve, wh,c hare located on the road between Antalya and Korkuteli. Following the path which is climbing through the city, on the east are the steps and the monumental gate of the temple constructed in Ionic order, which is from the period of Emperor Hadrian. If continued to the south, from the Lower City Walls and the water source, on the West is the Gymnasium, which has a particularly remaining first floor. The construction is formed with a lof of rooms and galleries and has the Columned Street on its southeast with the stores behind. Next to the street, the channeks, which proofs the perfection of the sewage system of the city, are still remaining.

            Arriving to the plain on the left of the path through the forest observation point is the area, which is including the public buildings. The first remain on this plain is the Agora. The porch and the Stoa on the west of this building are constructed in the period of Attalos 2nd (159-138 BC) and are in Doric order. At the east of the Agora, the Theater, which has a view of Antalya Coast, is leaning on the slope. The Parliament Building, which is standing till its roof level, is in 100 meters southwest of the Theater. In the plain located on the east of the Agora, there are 5 Cisterns, which are so unique by their deepness and wideness and the passages from one to another. At the southwest of the city, there are the remaining of a glorious villa, which is called as “the Home of the Founder”. This construction reaches to 6 meters high and has a face Wall in Doric order. It is named as “the Home of the Founder” due to the tablet on its entrance. The diversity of the graves of the city is so rich. The Tomb of Alketas, whom was one of the most important commanders of Alexander the Great (around 319 BC) and the other tombs are also so important in order to shed light on the history of the city. Many sarcophagi with an ornament of a shield, which are showing the militancy of the owners, are also placed on a wide scope near these monumental tombs. The most interesting finding of the Termessos Ancient City in Antalya Museum is “the Sarcophagus of the Dog”, which is exhibited in “the Hall of Sarcophagi”. The liric tablet on the sarcophagus dedicated to the dog named as Stephanos by its owner called as Rhodope, is so unique.

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Antalya Termessos Archeological Site Bayatbademleri, Güllük dağı, Termessos Milli Parkı, Döşemealtı-ANTALYA
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