Balıkesir Bandırma Museum

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Balıkesir Bandırma Museum

The construction of the museum building was started by the Association for the Making and Sustaining of the Museum operating in Bandırma, and the foundation was laid. When it comes to the level of the plinth wall, works have continued since 1995 under the control of the Ministry of Culture and the Istanbul Directorate of Surveying and Monuments.

Bandırma Museum was officially opened to visitors on 21/06/2003 following the completion of the merchandising works, received the status of "Directorate" on 14/09/2008 and its duties were determined as of 23/11/2010. According to this; Bandırma Museum Directorate is responsible and authorized for all works and transactions within the scope of the "Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets" numbered 2863 in places within the borders of Bandırma, Erdek, Gönen, Manyas and Marmara Districts.

The museum, which is located in Bandırma district, Paşakent district, Ziraat Bahçesi location, has a honeycomb plan. There are wo exhibition halls, one large and one small, and administration, specialist staff room, kitchen and toilet on the ground floor;  two warehouses, laboratory, library, boiler room, toilet on the basement floor.

Paşakent neighborhood, where the current museum building is located, 1507 block, 2 plot no. 3,436,49 m2 area, since the real estate is insufficient, the new museum site with a surface area of 24.110.00 m2, numbered 23, plot no. 2 in Yenimahalle, was taken into consideration by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The transaction process continues.

In the museum, artifacts belonging to the historical periods that reigned in the region from the Old Bronze Age to the beginning of the 20th century are meticulously exhibited. The majority of the works exhibited in the exhibition halls are the works unearthed from the scientific excavations in the Daskyleion Archaeological Site and the Ancient City of Kyzikos. The prominent historical artifacts belong to the Persian and Roman Periods, and the Seal Prints (Bulla) belonging to the 5th-4th centuries BC, the Tomb Stele of the same period, the Attis Karyatid, the Relief symbolizing the Kharits (musees), the Cyzicus coins and the Persian coins are prominent historical artifacts.

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Balıkesir Bandırma Museum Paşakent Mahallesi Ziraat Bahçesi Yolu Sokak No.101 10200 BANDIRMA/BALIKESİR
+90 (266) 715-4138
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