Bitlis Ethnography Museum

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In the past , this building had served as governor’s mansion, in 2005 it was assigned to our Ministry of Culture and Tourism and it was opened to visit as Ethnography Museum. Now it serves as a unit linked to the Directorate of Ahlat Museum . The museum building that has been officially registered as irreplaceable cultural heritage which is mandatory to protect , while also what  was built with Ahlat stone which is convenient to local flavor of the area. Historically, the building has been constructed with a semi basement, ground floor  and plus one floor. In the ground floor, there are administrative units and in the top floor, there is a showroom. The artifacts in the museum have been exhibited in two different areas. While Ethnographic artifacts have been exhibited in the top floor of museum, the stone artifacts have been exhibited at the garden of museum. In the top floor of museum; textiles, hand-made works, knicknackeries, embroidery of copper,coins(sikkes) that belonged to recent period(generally Late Ottoman Period,and Republic Period) and works that reflects values of local area , are exhibited. On the other hand, in the Courtyard ornamental stones that belong to architectural texture of the region , where mills and tombstones are placed. Adornments  on the architectural structures that made of basalt  give the visitors information about culture and architecture of this period.  These artifacts reflect the life styles of Locals and the features of social,technical,scientific and architectural proclivities of the period.


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