Burdur Museum of Natural History

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Burdur Museum of Natural History

The Burdur basin and the Burdur Formation at its base are composed of lacustrine sediments. The swampy areas formed due to tectonic movements in the basin gradually turned into lakes. Elmacık Vertebrate Fossil Bed, located in the south of this lake, known as Burdur Pliocene Lake, is one of the most productive fossil beds of the Lakes Region. There are fossil beds of vertebrate mammals around Elmacık Irrigation Pond, which was built in 1998 on the Elmacık Village of Burdur province Kemer district, located in the Burdur basin, which is the largest closed basin of Southwest Anatolia. With the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums, the animal fossils unearthed during the scientific excavations carried out under the Presidency of the Burdur Archeology Museum Directorate were collected in a four-season study and constituted the exhibition material of the museum.

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Burdur Museum of Natural History Zafer Mahallesi, Zafer Sokak. No:27 BURDUR
+90 (248) 233-1142
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