Burdur Sagalassos Archeological Site

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Burdur Sagalassos Archaeological Site

The ruins of the ancient city of Sagalassos are located at the foot of the magnificent Western Taurus Mountains. Although the beginning of the settlement here is still unknown, the oldest traces of settlement belong to the end of the Persian Period or the beginning of the Hellenistic Period. According to Arrian, Alexander the Great conquered Sagalassos and the Pisidia Region, and various public buildings began to be built in the center of the city from 200 BC. The city is surrounded by fortifications, necropolis areas are organized, and the production of ceramic tableware, which has preserved its popularity for centuries, begins. The ancient city is surrounded by various plains. Over time, these fertile lands join the city's lands reaching 1200 km² and become the main source of the development of Sagalassos.

During the peace period with the first Roman Emperor Augustus, the population of the city increased significantly. The new road, via Sebaste, built during this period, connects the region to the outside world. Thanks to the local elite who took advantage of this opportunity, Sagalassos adopted the Roman Imperial identity without losing its own identity. During the Hadrian Period, Sagalassos was considered the 'first city' of the Pisidia Region. As a requirement of this status, a large-scale development program begins in the city. At this stage, where magnificent sculpture examples are given, colossal sculptures of Hadrian, Anotninus Pius and Marcus Aurelius are produced. Sagalassos developed as an important center of craft. Locally produced red-lining vessels reach all of Anatolia and beyond through trade. Sagalassos flourishes until the 6th century AD. After this century, the urban fabric is exposed to successive disasters. However, Sagalassians resisted the difficulties and life continued in the city area until the beginning of the 13th century AD.

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