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The ancient city of Assos was founded in the 6th century BC and because it was located on an extinct volcanic hill, it was built with durable andesite stone, which was difficult to shape. The sarcophagi built in this city were very famous in the ancient world and they were called "human eating sarcophagus" because the body quickly became soil. Sarcophagus from Assos was sent to many parts of Anatolia. Assos was also important when philosopher Aristotle lived there for a while and founded a philosophy school. The temple of Athena, located at the highest point of the city, takes its name from the daughter of Zeus and Athena, one of the Twelve Olympians. Athena is the guardian goddess of the city. The temple, the first and only Doric temple built in Anatolia, attracts attention with its extraordinary scenery. The ancient theatre of the Roman period, agora, Necropolis (cemetery) and the city walls can also be seen in Assos.


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Çanakkale Assos Archaeological Site Behramkale Köyü, Ayvacık/Çanakkale
+90 (286) 217-6740
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