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Çorum Boğazkale Museum


Boğazköy Museum serves as a subordinate unit to Çorum Museum. It is located in Boğazkale town center, 82 km southwest of Çorum. The museum, which was opened on September 12, 1966, was reorganized in 2011. Artifacts unearthed during the Boğazköy-Hattuşa excavations are exhibited in the museum.

Thematic and chronological exhibitions were held in the exhibition halls of the Boğazkale Museum. The exhibition, which starts with the Chalcolithic, Early Bronze Age, and Assyrian Trade Colonies Age works in the first hall of the ground floor, ends chronologically with the Iron Age (Phrygian), Galatian, Roman, and Eastern Roman periods.

The Boğazköy Sphinx, which was returned from the Berlin Museum as a result of the initiatives of our Ministry, has been exhibited at the entrance of the Hittite hall in the Boğazköy Museum since 26 November 2011, together with the other Sphinx in the Istanbul Archeology Museums Directorate.

In the Hittite hall, which is passed through the door where the sphinxes are located, the state and social structure of the Hittites are explained with panels and artifacts with rich visuals. The seal-printed bullae found in the excavations with the Hittite stonemason are exhibited thematically. On the upper floor of the Hittite hall, the religious and military structure of the Hittites, their writing system, the works in the showcases separated by subject, the information on the panels, and the visuals are explained. There is also a model of the Hattusa ruins and the Great Temple here. In the garden of the museum, sphinxes from the Hittite period, hieroglyphic inscriptions, and milestones and tombstones from the Roman and Eastern Roman periods are exhibited.

In the museum, the audio guidance system in three languages, Turkish, English, and German, can be used free of charge by the visitors.

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Çorum Boğazköy Museum Çarşı Mahallesi, Hitit Caddesi, Boğazkale/ÇORUM
+09 (364) 452-2006
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