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Çorum Museum, which was opened in 1968, has started to serve in its new building since 2000. In the building, which was built as a hospital in 1914 and serves as a museum today, the Archeology and Ethnography halls were arranged independently of each other.   

The archaeological hall is organized according to the chronological and thematic exposition system. Alacahöyük and Kuşsaray dated to the Chalcolithic Age, and Resuloğlu and Alacahöyük’s works belonging to the Early Bronze Age are exhibited chronologically. In the thematic exhibition in the same area, the Early Bronze Age Alacahöyük tomb and the burial ceremony of the dead belonging to this tomb were interactively animated. Visitors can get information about the tomb interactively from the touch screen.

There are important Hittite centers such as Boğazköy-Hattuşa, Alacahöyük, Ortaköy-Şapinuva and Eskiyapar in Çorum, which is located in the center of Hittite settlements. In addition to these centers, the "embossed vases" unearthed in the Yörüklü-Hüseyinde excavation area, whose excavations have been completed, have a special place in the museum collection among the Hittite period artifacts. Visitors can get interactive information about these vases on the touch screen prepared with a special presentation. In addition, in the thematic exhibition area of Hittite architecture, museum visitors can visit the Hittite capital Hattuşa ruins virtually with a Hittite car.

In the museum, the unique bronze sword with cuneiform inscriptions from the Hittite period, the Hittite period cuneiform tablets included in the "Memory of the World List" by Unesco, and the clay seal-imprinted bullae found in archives in Boğazköy-Hattusa and Ortaköy-Şapinuva excavations are exhibited, accompanied by animations.

After the Hittite period, many of the Iron Age (Phrygians) cultures, which continued their lives in Pazarlı, Boğazköy-Hattuşa, and Alacahöyük in the region, are exhibited with animations made behind the showcases. This period is followed by the exhibition of ceramic, glass, and metal works from the Hellenistic, Galatian, Roman, and Byzantine periods. In this hall, the movement of the light, which is the working system of the Roman Sundial, and the reflection of the shadow on the line on the clock are thematically conveyed to the visitor. In addition, a rich coin collection consisting of Hellenistic, Roman provincial and official coins, and Eastern Roman and Islamic period coins took place in the exhibition.

The Ethnography Hall of the Çorum museum is a section where examples of Turkish art from the Seljuk and Ottoman periods to the present are exhibited. In this hall, three different shops reflecting the copper, roasted chickpea, and coffee house culture unique to Çorum have been thematically animated in a contemporary museum understanding.

In the museum, the audio guidance system in two languages, Turkish and English, can be used free of charge by the visitors.

In addition, the mobile application of the museum called “Çorum Museum Collection” was launched. In this application, which can be downloaded for free to smartphones, users; Information about Çorum Museum, Boğazköy and Alacahöyük Archaeological Sites, and Hittite Civilization is available. While the mobile application provides information about the life of the period from the animations made about the Hittites, how the important objects selected from the exhibited works are made and their usage purposes are learned. This application, which is a tool that can be used while visiting the museum, is a body of information that users can store on their phones and access at any time. The application is accessed for free from Google Play or the App Store.

Within the scope of a program in the Çorum Museum, museum education is given to students and from time to time to adults. There is a 20-bed dormitory, which was implemented for the first time in our country in the Çorum Museum, within the training and application center consisting of a separate workshop and a Hittite house. Students who come to museum education from various provinces of the country can also receive their education as boarding.

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