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Edirne Archeology and Ethnography Museum has two sections and an additional section consisting of garden exhibitions. Its construction began in 1969 and was opened to service on June 13, 1971. The museum is located 50 meters from the eastern gate of Selimiye Mosque, right next to the area where Ottoman tombstones were exhibited. Arranged with the captions of Aiol column header from the temple from Enez in the entrance of the museum; the southern section facing the Insect School was handled with works of water culture. Edirne fish ponds and birdhouses, which are related to the water culture of the Ottoman period, are also exhibited in this area. The exhibition in the halls of the museum building consists of Archeology and Ethnography sections. Local clothes of the Balkans, various examples of Calligraphy, carpets, rugs, Edirne Bridal Room, and ethnography hall where the Living Room is represented are also exhibited in some special items used by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk during his travel to Edirne. The exhibition in archeology begins with fossils. There are pieces of rhino and horse species of defense, jawbone, teeth and vertebrae in Edirne and its vicinity. Among the marble statues and steles, the tombs steles depicted by the Thracian Cavalry are among the regional artefacts exhibited in the museum. Other artifacts exhibited in the finds during excavations in Edirne. Enez was established on the urgent passageway intersecting the highways, saeways and river roads of Balkans, Anatolia and Aegean in first ages. Therefore, it was an important port city. Excavations and investigations that were made in Enez from 1971-72 to the present indicate that the Thracian Area perpetuates to evolve from Neolithic Age to present. Also, the precious objects discovered during Enez excavations, such as engraved amphora, baked earthenware sculptures, ceramic artifacts, marble statue pieces, steles and various ornaments are exhibited as the one of the most important parts of the musuems. A diverse collection from Anatolian Civilizations exhibited in the museum beside the local artifacts confiscated from Kapıkule, Ipsala and the other entry points. There are a wide variety of objects on display in the showcases according to the original period, varying from jewelery, baked earthenware objects to glassware, statues and steles, as well as thousands of coins.

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Summer (15/06/2024 - 15/09/2024)
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Winter (16/09/2023 - 14/06/2024)
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65 and over - Turkish citizens Free
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Students (Studying art history, archaeology and museum departments in university) Free
All Adults (International and Turkish) 60.00TL
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