Erzurum Castle

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Erzurum Castle, located in Erzurum city center, consists of an inner castle and an outer castle surrounding it.Erzurum castledates back to the 5th century when the Erzurum city was established.It, with its Castle Masjid and TepsiMinaret thatare one of the oldest Turkish buildings in Erzurum and were added to the castle during the Saltuk Period in the 12th century,is one of the most important structures that symbolize the city.Tepsi Minaret was used both as the minaret of the Masjid inside the Castle and as the watchtower of the Castle. Castle Masjid, which is considered as the oldest Turkish structure in Erzurum, has an interesting architectural feature of amasjidand a tomb.There is also a fountain with a pointed arch inscription on the south facade of the castle.

Scientific excavations, which have been continuing at certain intervals since 2000, have unearthed different places, ceramics, and small antiques in the castle of Erzurum.

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Erzurum Castle
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