Gaziantep Zeugma Archaeological Site

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Gaziantep Zeugma Archaeological Site

Around 300 BC, Seleucus I Nicator, the founder of the Seleucid Empire, founded two cities on both sides of the Euphrates, in the name of himself and his Persian wife Apama. Located in geography where civilizations meet and on the threshold of fertile Mesopotamian lands, Zeugma is a synthesis city where eastern and western cultures are fused. Zeugma means "gate" in Ancient Greek. In 17 A.D, the city was officially included in the Roman Empire. Zeugma has also become an important trade center due to its location on the ancient caravan and trade routes passing from east to west and from north to south. The city, which lived its richest period in the 2nd century A.D, was destroyed in 256 A.D by the Sasanian king's attack on the city and lost its former importance. Zeugma awaits us with its finds like a frozen time capsule in 255/256.

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Gaziantep Zeugma Archaeological Site Belkıs Mahallesi Zeugma Antik Kenti Nizip/GAZİANTEP
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