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Museum; consists of two main parts: a garden display and a closed display. Indoor displays; are arranged as prehistoric artifacts, classical artifacts, ethnographic artifacts, and St Paul's halls. In the prehistoric artifacts hall; Small artifacts collected from the Yalvaç environs and obtained from various excavations and artifacts received from citizens through donations and purchases were exhibited. In the showcases; various mammal fossils ( Rhinoceros-Ceratotherium, Mammoth-Mastodon, Horse-Hippßarion, carnivores, and deer-Bovidae), terracotta artifacts from the Old Bronze Age, and especially vases, bowls with and without handles and artifacts showing different forms, Dephas (amphikypellon) , ritual vessels such as rithons, pottery bearing the influences of the Hittite Period, (3rd millennium-2th millennium BC) hand axes, various stamp seals, various spindle whorls and the brush used in making pottery, Old Neolithic Age to show the Mother Goddess Culture Goddesses made of terracotta, as well as terracotta and marble idols dating back to the Bronze Ages, are exhibited in these showcases. Artifacts obtained from the excavations in Pisidia Antiocheia and the Sanctuary of Men, as well as artifacts received from citizens through purchases and donations, are exhibited in the classical artifacts hall.

In addition to the original marble works of the Antiocheia sculpture school, parts of the colossal sculptures such as the head and torso, God-Goddess statues such as Tyke and Nike, Imperial Period portraits, marble cubes, Kyliks Skyphos, Phiales, Lekythos, Aryballos, Askos, glass works, works belonging to the Late Hellenistic period. Artifacts such as terracotta and marble artifacts from the Sanctuary of Men, a colossal statue of Zeus dated to the 1st century BC, statues of Athena, Nike, Mousa, Res Gestate Divi Augusti inscription, Pan statue and various animal figurines are exhibited. In the ethnography hall; Works collected from Yalvaç and its surroundings are exhibited.


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Isparta Yalvaç Museum Görgüorta Mahallesi, Gazipaşa Cad. No. 42 Yalvaç / ISPARTA
+90 (246) 441-5059
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