İstanbul The Tiled Kiosk Museum

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The Tiled Kiosk Museum is the only example of Civic Ottoman architecture built with Seljukian impression in Istanbul. The historical sources on the reign of Sultan Mehmed Il (Mehmed the Conqueror, 1451-1481) suggest that it was built in 1472 in the Saraybumu Coppice forest area within the walls surrounding the Topkapi Palace. in 1880, the building was subsumed by the lmperial Museum (Muze-i Humayun) to display archaeological mand Islamic artifacts. Followed its inclusion in the Topkapi Palace in 1939, the collection was dispursed and it ceased to be a museum. The museum which is allocated to Istanbul Archaeological Museums' authority in 1981, currently hosts unique samples of Seljuk and Ottoman tile and pottery.


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