İzmir Birgi Çakırağa Mansion

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Masterpiece of Ottoman Civil Architecture

Birgi is a peaceful, green and pretty neighborhood stretching along both banks of a stream on the southern slopes of Mt Tmolos (Bozdağlar). The Çakırağa Mansion in Birgi was commissioned by Çakıroğlu Şerif Ali Agha, a merchant from Birgi, in the late eighteenth century. The three-story mansion is renowned with its panoramas depicting Istanbul and Izmir. It is an unparalleled example of Ottoman civil architecture in the Aegean region. Authentic wall painting and woodwork on the exterior and interior walls of Çakırağa Mansion in Birgi enchant its visitors.


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İzmir Birgi Çakırağa Mansion Birgi Mahallesi Şht. Gürol Madan Caddesi Ödemiş/İZMİR
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