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Tire Museum is an archaeological and ethnographic museum. It was established by the Tire Public House Museum Branch in 1935 within the Yahşi Bey Lodge built by Halil Yahşi Bey, one of the commanders of Murat. The museum was registered by the General Directorate of Antiquities and Museums of the Ministry of National Education in 1946 and opened as a state museum. From 1946 to 1971, Yahşi Bey Mosque served as a museum. It was put into service in its current building in 1971. Movable cultural assets are exhibited in the museum in two halls.

IN THE ARCHEOLOGY HALL: Sculptures, grave steles, marble table legs, marble and terracotta sarcophagi, glass works, bronze works, and terracotta figurines belonging to 3500 BC and 1100 B.C are exhibited.

IN THE ETHNOGRAPHY HALL: Writing sets, men's and women's clothes from the Ottoman Period, hand-embroidered bed covers, napkins, ceramics of European origin used in the Ottoman Period, Çanakkale ceramics, paintings, and carpets are exhibited. Apart from these halls, there are open exhibition areas in the front and back gardens of the museum.

In the front garden, column capitals made of marble, sarcophagus fragments, and terracotta cubes dating from the Roman-Byzantine-Greek and Hellenistic eras are exhibited. In the back garden, the tombstones belonging to the Islamic periods are exhibited in chronological order.

Tire Museum was closed to visitors on 26/06/2020.


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