Kahramanmaraş Museum

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Kahramanmaraş Museum

The first museum in Kahramanmaras was established in Tas Medrese (Stone Madrasa) in 1947, moved to Kahramanmaras Castle in 1961 and to the present museum building located in Azerbaycan Boulevard at the Provincial Center in 1975.

The museum, which was opened to visitors in its present place in 1976, was re-opened with a new exhibition arrangement in 2012 by being redesigned and supplemented since it did not meet the need in time. The halls and display sections within the museum, where one-to-one revival of the periods belonging to past civilizations are, as follows:

1. Ancient Elephant Exhibition Hall

2. Direkli Cave Excavation Animation and Exhibition Hall

3. Domuztepe Mound Excavation Animation and Exhibition Hall

4. Maras Lion and Hittite Works Exhibition Hall

5. Mosaic Exhibition Hall

6. Stone Works and Steller Exhibition Hall

7. Chronological Archaeological Works Exhibition Hall

8. Coin Display Section

9. Garden Display Complex

Our museum, which has approximately 30,000 artifacts in the inventory records, awaits its visitors in the light of archaeological excavations within the region.


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