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The history of museology in Kayseri, which has witnessed important developments before and after, dates back to old times. With a circular sent to the provinces by Osman Hamdi Bey, the most important portable antiquities were asked to be sent to Istanbul. Upon the request of collecting other artifacts in schools suitable for protection, many artifacts collected from around Kayseri were taken under protection in a room of Kayseri High School. During a visit to Kayseri in 1928, Minister of National Education Esat Bey saw these artifacts and discussed the establishment of a museum with Kayseri Governor Fuat Bey. After the repair of Hunat Hatun Madrasa was made with the efforts of Governor Fuat Bey, the museum, which was opened on March 1, 1930, operates as a "Depot Museum" until 1937. After the chronological and scientific classification of the works, it is opened to the public in 1938 for 5 kuruş entrance fee. In 1948, Prof. Dr. With the works unearthed by Tahsin Özgüç with the systematic excavations initiated in Kültepe Kaniş / Karum, 22 kilometers northeast of Kayseri, the number of works purchased and donated from the environment increased day by day. This situation has created difficulties in providing space in museum exhibits and warehouses. For this reason, the construction of the previously used museum building begins in 1965 and is opened to visitors on June 26, 1969. Kayseri Archeology Museum, which has been serving here for about 50 years, has been moved to the new museum building within the Kayseri Castle and has been opened to visitors since 19 October 2019. In the new museum, there are 14 exhibition halls in chronological order. The works in the exhibition halls date from the Chalcolithic Age to the Late Osmlanlı period.

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Kayseri Archaeology Museum Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Kaleiçi Çarşı Kümeevler No:1/1 Melikgazi / KAYSERİ
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