Kayseri Kültepe Archaeological Site

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B.C. II. Kültepe, the center of the Kingdom of Kanish and the capital of the Assyrian Trade Colonies system in Anatolia; It is located in the middle of a fertile plain at the foot of Erciyes (formerly Aşkaşipa or Argeus), just 20 km northeast of Kayseri. It is located in the south, where the historical and natural roads stretching from Sivas to the east-west converge. This advantage provided by nature from east-west and north to south over Malatya has increased its importance in the old world trade and politics especially 4 thousand years ago. It has been an important trade and cultural center between Anatolia-Syria-Mesopotamia since the end of the 3rd millennium and especially since the first quarter of 2000. According to the cuneiform documents, its old name is Kaniş or Nesha. Poodle, BC. It is the oldest kingdom of Anatolia, mentioned in Mesopotamia written documents even in the last quarter of the third millennium. The name Kültepe has been known since 1871, when the cuneiform documents scattered around the world museums and antique markets and defined as "Cappadocia tablets" first appeared. With tens of thousands of archaeological and philological artifacts found in excavations since 1948, Kültepe is one of the few centers of Anatolian and world archeology.

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Kayseri Kültepe Archaeological Site Sivas Yolu 21. Km, Karahöyük Mahallesi Prof. Dr. Kutlu EMRE Sokak Kocasinan/KAYSERİ
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