İzmir Etnography Museum

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Izmir Ethnography Museum building started to be built as a maternity ward in 1917 with the project prepared by Architect Tahsin Sermet, on the Jewish Cemetery, which was expropriated at the beginning of the First World War. The building, in the Republic Period, was used as a maternity ward, Public Health and Health Directorate service building. The tower-type stone structure rising on a terraced floor has a decorated door with marble columns on both sides. Ethnographic works in İzmir had been exhibited on the ground floor of Izmir Atatürk and Ethnography Museum since October 29, 1978 and on December 2, 1984, with the transfer of this building, which is used today, to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to be designed as an ethnography museum, it gained its current function. Located in the same garden with the Izmir Archeology Museum, the first and second floors of the museum serve as exhibition halls and the third floor serves as the Izmir Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism. In the Ethnography Museum, the social life of the 19th century in Izmir and its region has been tried to be reflected. It is possible to see recently decreasing handicraft products of clog making, tin making, pottery making, blue bead production, wood printing, carpet weaving, ropery, felt making and saddlery etc, and the first Turkish pharmacy of İzmir, the İttihat Pharmacy but the exhibition halls are temporarily closed because of restoration.


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