Manisa Akhisar Hill Tombs (Thyateira)

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It is located in the Akhisar district center of Manisa province, in the area called Hill Cemetery. It is stated that in the 14th century B.C, an amazon branch, which was raiding with the Scythians, extended to Lydia, and some towns were established between Akhisar and Dikili by their Queen Myrine, one of them was named after herself, and Akhisar was established as a small town as an amazon headquarters. This town, which was destroyed by an earthquake in 24 B.C after 1300 years, was named Tyatirin, one of the amazon commanders. Akhisar has been under the rule of the Hittites, Akkadians, Lydians, Romans, Byzantines, Sarukhanids, and Ottomans throughout history. During the Lydians, it was an important city with its senate, crowded population, and wealth. Tyeder was exiled to Gölmarmara by the Byzantine emperor Constantine. Tyatir (Thyateria or Thyatira) became Aspro-Kastro after Akhisar built a white castle between the current station and the hospital. ASPRO means white; KASTRO means fortress. When it came under the rule of Turks in 1307, the name Aspro-Kastro was translated into Turkish and became AKHİSAR. In 1390, Akhisar came under the rule of the Ottoman Turks. Although the history of the city is similar to the history of Western Anatolia, the city is a Lydian city. It became stronger, especially after the Hellenistic Period. In the early history of the city, it is difficult to find ruins dating back to the Roman Period, except for the coins.


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Manisa Akhisar Hill Tombs (Thyateira) Ragıbbey Mahallesi 16. Sokak No: 39 Akhisar/Manisa
+90 (236) 412-2301
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