Mersin Atatürk House Museum

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It is located at the focal point of the city on “Atatürk Street”, one of the most important and busy streets of Mersin. This building was built in 1897 to be used as a residence due to the marriage of the German Consul of the time, Mr. Christman, to a lady from the Mavromati family from Mersin. Its architect is unknown. Over time, the people called this structure Krisman (Krizman Mansion). Later it became known as the mansion of the Mavromati family. The building, which is located on an area of 1270 m², remained the property of the Tahinci family until 1972. It was acquired by Nebil Hayfavi in 1972 and served as Toros College until 1976. The name of this building, which was kept empty after 1976, was changed to "Atatürk House" with a decision taken by the municipal committee in the same year. In 1980, it was decided to expropriate the building, and restoration works were started. It has been under the ownership of the Ministry of Culture since 1982. Nearly one billion liras were spent in the restoration works that lasted until 1992, and as a result, it was officially opened as “Atatürk House Museum” on October 12, 1992. The ground floor of Mersin Atatürk House and Museum has been prepared as "Atatürk Museum with Photographs and Documents". In addition, 22 personal belongings brought from the Anıtkabir Museum in Ankara are exhibited. On the upper floor, where ethnographic works are exhibited, two of the seven rooms opening to the living room are used as bedrooms, one as a study, and four as a living room.


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Mersin Atatürk House Museum Kültür, Atatürk Cad. No:36, 33010 İçel Merkez/Mersin
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