Mersin Silifke Atatürk House and Ethnography Museum

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It is located in the Saray Neighborhood of Silifke District. It was made in 1914. It was built using wood and stone materials as two floors in the garden. After the building was expropriated and restored by the Ministry of Culture in 1982, it was put into service as Atatürk House and Ethnography Museum on January 2, 1987. Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK visited Silifke 4 times due to both his efforts to establish cooperatives and farms and his domestic trips. Regarding Atatürk's first visits to Silifke, a marble monument and statue were erected near Taşköprü, but this was not considered sufficient, and attempts were made to build a library and a museum in the name of Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK in accordance with the memory of the visit. In the museum where Atatürk spent the night during his first visit to Silifke on January 27, 1925, all the belongings of the room where Atatürk stayed, documents related to the establishment of cooperatives, visit photos, newspaper reports, and ethnographic items belonging to the region are exhibited.


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