Mersin Narlıkuyu Mosaic Museum

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It is located in Narlıkuyu Village of Silifke District. It is 20 km from Silifke. From 1975-1976, the mosaic floor belonging to the Roman Period Bath structure was taken into a building and the Museum was formed.

Narlıkuyu Bay has been a sea gate for those who come to worship and travel to Heaven-Hell in the ancient and Byzantine periods. This settlement, known as Porto Calamie in the middle ages, had a magnificent bath. Today, only the water trough and the floor mosaic in the bathing section have survived from this bath structure belonging to the 4th century A.D. This mosaic is preserved in the museum building.

Poimenios, who was understood to have a high duty in the Eastern Roman Empire, had a basin built by using the freshwater source that mixes with the sea in the small gulf of Narlıkuyu, passing through the depths of the paradise sinkhole, and decorated its floor with mosaics. Geometric, local bird and flower motifs and the three daughters of Zeus, the chief god of the ancient period, Aglaia, Thalia, and Euphrosine are depicted in the mosaic created with black, white, and yellow stones. These daughters of Zeus were born from Eurynome, the goddess of harmony, famous for her beauty. The three sisters are referred to as Kharites. The name is derived from the ancient Greek word Kharis, meaning shine, radiance, and beauty. They are the protectors of all branches of art and the inspiration of men and gods.

There is also an inscription on the goddesses. In this inscription: "O friend, if you ask who found the hidden source of the water of this beautiful bath, know that that person is Poimenios, who is the honest ruler of the holy islands and the friend of the emperors" has expressions and gives the name of the person who built the bath.

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Mersin Narlıkuyu Mosaic Museum Narlıkuyu Mahallesi, Çerkez Cadde, No:2 Silifke/Mersin
+00 (324) 714-1019
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