Mersin Gözne Castle

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Gözne Castle, about 30 kilometers north of Mersin, is located on high cliffs. On the strategic road leading to Çandır Castle, which dominates the region, it served as a police station together with Belenkeşlik on Soğucak Plateau and Sinap Castle on Ayvagedigi Plateau. The castle, dating to the middle ages, consists of two structures. The castle and its surroundings, which are open to summer and winter highland tourism, are also picnic areas.

The first structure belonging to the castle is located in the east. This building has four bastions, one in the south and three in the north, and has a rectangular form. The entrance door is in the west and is about 1 meter above the ground. The spire is covered with a vault. The interior is divided into four parts by three arches. There are 5 light and ventilation holes, two on the north and three on the south walls.

The building on the west has a tower type with three windows, two doors, and a hexagonal form. There are fifteen porches on the top of the structure, including on the south, west, and north sides. The ceiling is divided in half by an arch.

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Mersin Gözne Castle Mersin İli, Toroslar İlçesi
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