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On the Mersin-Antalya highway, 6 km from Anamur. Mamure Castle, located in the southeast by the sea, is 23.500 m2. The name Ma-Mu Ura means "Lost - Mother City" in Luwian language. During the Karamanoğulları Period, the name "Mamuriye" was used in Turkish, meaning "to make food.

It is claimed that Mamure Castle, like many Anatolian castles, was built on ancient foundations and that the castle was a Roman settlement in the 3rd to 4th centuries. The name of this ancient city was named as "Rig Monia".

M.S IV. The castle, which was built by the Romans in the century, was expanded later by the Byzantines and the Crusaders.

The first excavations in the castle were carried out in 1988, and the second period excavations were carried out by the Anamur Museum Directorate in the courtyards B and C in 2020-2021. In the excavations carried out here, Roman Period house foundations in the Outer Castle and other ancient ruins around the tower were found. The walls of the castle were built with crushed stones according to the construction technique common in that region. The oldest core of the castle must be in the inner castle. On the side facing the sea, there are old foundations that were reconstructed. This chapter XIII. / XIV. It belongs to the centuries. During the excavations in courtyard C, 3 different phases were identified in a single layer (Middle Ages). These phases are Late Roman-Byzantine,

Seljuk-Principalities and Ottoman periods. The castle, which has an excellent position in terms of defense, dominates the sea in the surrounding region. Watchtowers, especially the main tower in the south, broadens the view of the castle. The crenellated trench in the castle bastion and the trench area surrounding the castle on the land side are among the other elements of the defense system. The windows of the battlements and watchtowers are V-shaped, wider inside, making it easier to shoot arrows from inside the castle but difficult to shoot from outside. On the other hand, Kale is also known as the external protective castle of Anemurium ancient city. Its main purpose is; UNESCO World Heritage Center, which is the best way to transfer the universal, cultural and natural values to the next generations by making use of international resources for the promotion and protection of the world, has also included the Mamure Castle on the World Heritage temporary list in 2012.

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