Mersin St.Paul's Well

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Well of St. Paul

St. Paul, famous for his contribution to the spreading of the Christian religion reaching immortality with his post-Christian life in the Bible, St. Paul is considered one of the greatest symbols of Christianity today. And St. Paul was one of the first theologians, who was born in Tarsus. The Well of St. Paul, as it is known, is in the courtyard of an old building where it is widely believed that St. Paul had lived. The well named after St. Paul is situated at around 200 meters to the northeast of the Ancient Road and it is known that visitors have used the remains of an old building here for centuries. During the period when Christianity was prevalent in Tarsus,it was believed that the water in the well was holy and that it had the power to cure those who drank it. The 30 meters deep well and its environs have a rich history: archaeological digs have revealed signs of Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman culture here. The site which has been restored and is protected is today visited by many interested in its history and is a site of pilgrimage.

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Mersin St.Paul's Well Kızılmurat Mahallesi, 2710 Sok., 33400 Tarsus/MERSİN
+90 (324) 613-1865
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