Muğla Euromos Archaelogical Site

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One of the best preserved temples in Anatolia

The Temple of Zeus Lepsynos in Euromos dates from the 2nd century A.D. and is in Corinthian order. Euromos was a powerful city in ancient times, holding the northern part of the plain after Mylasa. The temple is situated outside the city. The fortification walls built with cut stones and the towers belonging to the defense system are encountered on the continuation of the fortification wall when it is reached towards the hill on the west. Large but destroyed theatre leaning west on the hill slope it overlooks. In the flat area, a planned agora structure close to the Square attracts attention. A long inscription stands out on the corner column of the Agora. The inscription mentions the financial assistance of Kallisthenes to the city and an alliance with lasos.

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Muğla Euromos Archaelogical Site Kızılcakuyu Mahallesi, 48200 Selimiye Milas
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