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Excavations in the ancient city of Stratonikeia started with Prof. Dr. Yusuf BOYSAL in 1977 and have continued today under the direction of Prof. Dr. Bilal SÖĞÜT. This place has done the honors for settlement since the Bronze Age. It is one of the rare places where the structure and urban texture of the Ancient Period and the Ottoman and Republican Periods can be seen together. The presence of many buildings belonging to different periods and the historical environment are considered a unique opportunity for those who will visit the city.
All of the historical buildings in the ancient city can be visited on foot on the paved roads of the Osman Period. For all that, there are many reasons why it is an exemplary archeological site. For instance; it is the only city where two immortal loves are known in the world, the only city-state with two great sanctuaries dedicated to Hecate and Zeus, and it is a city where gladiators managed to survive and retire after many fights. It is also a place with important structures such as the Temple of Zeus Khrysaereon, the religious center where important religious ceremonies and meetings were held in ancient times, which is the property of all Carians.

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Muğla Stratonikeia Archaeological Site Eskihisar Mahallesi, Yatağan/MUĞLA
+90 (252) 214-6948
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