Nevşehir Göreme Archaeological Site

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13 km from Nevşehir. distance and is a rock settlement located 2 km east of Göreme Town. M.S.4 in Göreme. Monastic life lived intensely from the century to the 13th century. There are churches, chapels, dining halls and sitting areas in almost every rock block. Churches in the Göreme Open Air Museum were painted with 2 types of techniques. The first is the painting done directly by smoothing the rock surface and the second is the painting made on the rock with the secco (tempera) and fresco techniques. Topics covered in the church are from the Bible and Hz. It is taken from the life of Jesus. Today's Göreme Open Air Museum is where the religious education system started. Soğanlı, Ihlara, Açıksaray are places where the same education system was seen later. In Göreme Open Air Museum, there are Girls and Boys Monastery, Saint Basil Church, Elmalı Church, Saint Barbara Church, Snake Church, Dark Church, Çarıklı Church and Tokalı Church. Göreme Open Air Museum was opened to visitors in 1967.

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Nevşehir Göreme Archaeological Site Nevşehir İli, Merkez İlçesi, Göreme Beldesi
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