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The Paşaoğlu Mansion, which rises at the intersection of Taşocak Street and Erkoçak Street in the Selimiye district of Ordu Province, was built in 1896 by Paşaoğlu Hüseyin Efendi. Built on an area of 625 square meters together with its garden, the mansion's stones were brought from Ünye (district of Ordu Province), wooden material was brought from Romania, and its construction was carried out by a master from Istanbul. Paşaoğlu Mansion, one of the most beautiful examples of our 19th century civil architecture, has three floors including the ground floor. Access to the ground floor is provided through doors to the East and to the first floor to the North and West. The mansion, along with the molding that separates the first and second floors, exhibits a rich stone workmanship with the half columns with pedestals and caps on the corners of the building, and the windows with eaves supported by consoles with floral motifs and surrounded by jambs. The garden wall, stairs, balcony and embroidered stone balustrades at the roof edges are other elements that give movement to the exterior of the mansion. In the garden of the mansion, there is a pool with a fountain and today the original stone hearth under wooden cover. The ground floor of Paşaoğlu Mansion is stone-paved. On the first and second floors, the base is of wood. The ceilings are made of wood veneer. The wooden ceiling of the sofa on the upper floor of the mansion is decorated with oil paintings. In the middle of the ceiling, there are floral motifs in the form of baklava (lozenges). Various landscapes are depicted in the medallions in the corners. Patterned tiles are used in the bathroom on this floor.

 Paşaoğlu Mansion was expropriated in 1982 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Monuments and Museums, and it started to be repaired since 1983. The mansion, whose restoration and exhibition was completed in 1987, was opened as the "Paşaoğlu Mansion and Ethnography Museum". The first floor of the building, whose ground floor is used as the administration, is arranged as the ethnographic works section. In this section, weapons, jewelry, men's and women's clothing, etc. items are exhibited. The second floor, on the other hand, reflects the characteristics of the 19th century mansion with arrangements such as sofa, pasha grandma room, daily room, guest room, bedroom, wardrobe. With the expropriation of Ordu Paşaoğlu Mansion by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and its restoration and opening as a museum, one of the rare examples of our civil architecture has been transferred to future generations in a desired way.


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