Şanlıurfa Harran Archaeological Site

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According to the available archaeological data, the history of Harran dates back to the Chalcolithic period. The name of Harran (Ha-ra-an, ha-ra-nim, har-ra-na, etc.), which is mentioned in the texts of Ebla (XXIV B.C), Mari (first half of the 2nd millennium B.C) and documents found in the Old Babylonian Period Hittite (Boğazköy), Middle Assyrian and Middle Babylonian Periods, New Assyrian Period, Kültepe and Mari, has remained unchanged for about 4400 years. In the Classical Period, Harran is named as Karrai, Karra and Kharran, Karras, Karrais in Greek; and as Charrae, Charra, Carrha, Carrhae, Carrai, Carris, Carrhas, Kharr, Karrenon in Latin. In the works of medieval Islamic writers, the names of the city are mentioned as Harran and Harraniyye.


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Şanlıurfa Harran Archaeological Site Şanlıurfa İli Harran İlçesi Sur İçi Mah.
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