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He acted from the directives of the great leader Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK in the form of "Making Maritime the Greatest Ideal of the Türk". The Naval Forces Command has opened the museum ships to visitors within the scope of the promotion, popularization, and dissemination activities of the maritime that it has determined as its duty. Türk maritime history and culture to instill, as the technical development of the Naval Forces Command of visual and orthographic, reflect our Navy frigate, a submarine, a boat, a helicopter, to introduce to the public, to contribute to the cultural and artistic activities of our people, the young generation loves to sail, to embrace, and to promote sailing to provide.

TCG EGE, TCG PİRİREİS, TCG KASIRGA, AB 212 class TCB 36 tail numbered helicopter, which is one of the floating, diving, and flying elements of our Naval Forces Command, has served in our Navy for many years day and night against the dangers that may come from all directions. They have made outstanding achievements in ensuring peace and tranquility on our seas and have proudly flown our glorious flag on the seas.

In the first stage, within the scope of the project realized after completing their active duties in TCG EGE and TCG PİRİREİS Naval Forces Command;
Mission areas of our warships, living quarters, devices, materials, and equipment available on the ships have been preserved in their original form. Objects such as mannequins, models, plates and boards, and exhibition halls were transformed into Museum Ships in order to be explained to the visitors and opened to service on 1 July 2007 at the İnciraltı pier in the Balçova district of İzmir with a ceremony. The first museum ships of the Aegean region and Izmir province have become the center of attraction for thousands of Aegean people and all age groups in a very short time. Approximately 1,265,000 people have visited the museum since its opening. October May 22, 2014, in addition to the frigate and submarine, TCG EGE helicopter platform, TCB 212 class helicopter with tail number 36 and TCG KASIRGA attack boat on March 16, 2015, respectively, as part of the renovation and improvement works were opened to the public.

TCG EGE (AEAGEN)                                                 

It was built in the Avandele shipyard of the USA and started to serve in the US Navy on March 31, 1973, with the burgundy number 1090 and the name 'USS AINSWORTH'. He continued his active duty for 24 years, after which USS AINSWORTH was purchased by our Naval Forces Command and joined our Navy with the name TCG EGE on July 28, 1994, at a ceremony held in Gölcük. TCG EGE ended its active duty on March 25, 2005, after the outstanding achievements it showed in domestic and international exercises and training in our Navy for more than 11 years.

Although it was designed for anti-submarine warfare, at the same time; it has weapons and sensors to perform tasks such as surface and air defense warfare, land bombardment, patrol, searches and rescue, and reconnaissance.

The Efe in the emblem of TCG EGE represents the bravery, courage, and honesty of Turkish folklore, the dove represents peace and the dragon represents power. The combination of these three elements symbolizes the spirit of TCG EGE. TCG EGE was managed by a total of 286 personnel, including 21 officers, 155 non-commissioned officers, and 110 privates. It weighs 4200 tons and is 134 meters long and 14.3 meters wide. Its main engine has a power of 35,000 horsepower, and its maximum speed is 27 knots per hour.

On the bow of the ship, there is a semi-automatic single-barreled 5/54 cannon, which is controlled by the MK68 fire control radar for land and air targets above water. Asroc against submarines, Harpon guided missiles against surface targets and 4 MK 32 torpedo tubes are used to homing submarines MK 44 and MK 46. There is a PHALANX close defense weapon used against guided missiles.

It was built as the first fast attack submarine at Portsmouth Shipyard of the USA between 1949-1951 and joined the US Navy on 19 June 1951 with the name USS TANG. USS TANG was purchased by the Turkish Naval Forces Command after 29 years of active service in the US Navy and joined our navy with a ceremony on February 8, 1980, taking the name TCG PİRİREİS.
TCG PİRİREİS submarine continued its active duty in our navy for 24 years and decommissioned on August 9, 2004, and they continue their duties as EGE Museum Ship and PİRİREİS Museum Ship at İnciraltı pier.

It has a structure consisting of 7 compartments with double boats and is 87 meters long, 9 meters wide, the maximum diving depth is 233 meters, the maximum speed it reaches (above water) is 15 knots, and diving is 16 knots, snorkeling is 11 knots. It has a diesel-electric propulsion system. Its tonnage above water is 2,200 tons and its tonnage in the diving condition is 2600 tons. It can perform a patrol for 50 days in deep and near coastal waters. It was managed by a total of 84 personnel, including 9 officers, 48 non-commissioned officers, 27 non-commissioned officers, and privates. It has the ability to carry out all kinds of intelligence, detection, and diagnostic activities, from throwing classic and homing torpedoes, to pouring mines.


TCG KASIRGA was founded in 1967 by FR. LURSSEN WERT BREMEN was built in F.GERMANY. After construction, it was brought to TÜRKİYE with TCG MELTEM on 17 November 1967 at the Shipyard. He joined the Navy Command with a ceremony held in Gölcük on 25 November 1967 and started his honorable duty in the Turkish Naval Forces as an affiliate of the War Fleet Command.

PENGUIN G/M was installed on the ship in 1978 and the G/M was given the qualification of an attack boat and one PENGUIN MK1 MOD 1 G/M shot was fired at 10:00 on November 21, 1981. The result of the shot to M/G Bornova with a speed of 10 knots from 14 thousand yards was determined to be successful. TCG KASIRGA was removed from the establishment of the War Squadron Command in 1983 and was taken to the Assault Boat Squadron Command in Umuryeri / Istanbul. TCG KASIRGA was deployed to Erdek/ Balıkesir in 1993 as a subordinate of the Commodore of the 3rd Assault Boat Flotilla. In 1999, the Aegean Sea Regional Command was established and the location of the speech was changed to Aksaz Marmaris / Muğla in 2002, the Escort and Patrol Fleet Command were established. TCG KASIRGA Naval Forces completed its honorable mission full of achievements in the Command on June 30, 2014, and left the service. TCG KASIRGA was towed to the Museum Ships Directorate İnciraltı pier on March 16, 2015, and started its new duty as a Museum Ship.

TCG HURRICANE is 42.5 meters tall and 7.7 meters wide. there is a range of 4 propellers and 2 rudders. there are 4 main machines and 2 auxiliary machines. The maximum speed is 39 knots. The assault boat was dispatched and managed with a total of 31 personnel, including 4 officers, 13 non-commissioned officers, 3 sergeants and 11 rank and file. From the beginning to the rear of the ship, there is a private cabin, a commander's cabin, a non-commissioned officer's dormitory, combat operations center, radio cabin, radar cabin, bow engine room, aft engine room, officer lounge, and dormitories, arsenal and tiller room. On the upper deck, there is a bridge, a kitchen, and a CBRN (Chemical Biological Radioactive and Nuclear) washing station.

TCG KASIRGA weapon systems
there are 2 40 mm diameter L / 70 aircraft war cannon, 2 7163 mm tall 533.4 mm diameter G-7A classic torpedo tubes and  2 MK1 MOD7 PENGUIN guided projectile launchers.

Deckhand TCB-36 AB-212 helicopter was manufactured by AGUSTA / ITALY on August 4, 1977, and has 2 turbo-shaft engines, it is a helicopter for surface reconnaissance and submarine search. The engines were manufactured by Pratt & Whitney/a Canadian company. It was decommissioned on March 25, 2013, and during this time it operated for 6942 hours and 55 minutes of flight. Its maximum speed is 130 knots, empty weight is 8000 lb, maximum take-off weight is 11200 lb, fuel capacity is 1350 lt, width is 3.96 meters, length is 17.39 meters and height is 3.86 meters. The helicopter has been used in reconnaissance and attack, as well as search and rescue missions against submarines and surface vehicles.

AB-212 Helicopter Weapons
 Performed various missions against submarines by using MK 44 and MK46 torpedoes, and for light, surface ships using AS-12 wire-guided and sea skua radar-guided missiles. The crew consists of 2 pilots (1st pilot on the right), and 2 operators (radar and sonar). The AB-212 class TCB 36 tail numbered helicopter was placed on the TCG EGE helicopter platform on May 22, 2014, and started its new mission.

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