Elazığ Harput Castle

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It is understood that the first settlement in the castle was by the Urartian Kingdom in the early 8th century BCE. Harput Castle was called Ziata Castellum in Roman, Sassanid and Byzantine Periods and Hisn-i Ziyad in Arabs. In 1085 CE, it was captured by Çubuk Bey, one of the Turkmen chiefs, and in 1115 by the Artuqid Emir Belek Gazi. It was conquered in 1516 by Çerkez Hüseyin Bey and Karaçinoğlu Ahmet Bey, who were commissioned by the Ottoman Sultan Yavuz Sultan Selim. Lion Bastion West Terrace and Artuqid Palace Belek Bastion The impressive Artuqid Palace is located at the northern end of the castle. An Ottoman Neighborhood was established in the castle in the 17th century. The settlement in the region ended with the migration of the people of the neighborhood to the newly established city of Elazig between 1830 and 1920. Excavations were carried out in the neighborhood of the castle between 2005 and 2009 under the direction of the Elazig Museum Directorate, under the scientific consultancy of Prof. Dr. Veli SEVİN. In 2014, excavations were resumed under the chairmanship of Prof. Dr. İsmail AYTAÇ from Fırat University. Excavations were carried out in Zone 5 (Middle District) and Zone 1, where the Artuqid Palace is located. Remains of buildings dated to the Urartian, Byzantine, Artuqid, Seljuk and Ottoman periods were unearthed in the castle. Among these structures, there are water cisterns, tandoors, hearths, cedars, niches, metal, glass and ceramic workshops, mosque, school. Archaeological finds (pieces of glass bracelets, military items, pipe pieces, arrowheads, various kitchen utensils, glazed and unglazed ceramics, beads, porcelain pieces, metal and bone objects, catapult stones, plaster ornaments) demonstrating the life in the castle were found during the studies. Harput was enlisted on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in May 2012.

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Elazığ Harput Castle Karataş Mah., Nadir Baba Sok., Merkez, Elazığ, Türkiye
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