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In the Hıdırlık Bastions in Edirne, there are the headquarters building under the command of Şükrü Pasha, where an epic resistance was shown against the Bulgarians, 18 artillery rooms, a 120-meter tunnel and 4 corridors. The fact that the enemy armies coming from the Balkans came to the capital Istanbul without encountering a serious resistance prompted the Ottoman administration to establish a defense line in Edirne. On top of this, 24 bastions were built in the city, the largest of which was Hıdırlık. The Hıdırlık Bastion was built between 1886 and 1888 and was used as the headquarters of the famous Edirne defense during the Balkan Wars. Hıdırlık Bastion is a very important position for the defense of Edirne during the Balkan Wars. It is known that the building was the headquarters of Şükrü Pasha. The bastion displays an image that is compatible with the strategic importance of the region with its settlement, architectural structure and robustness. It is the largest bastion in the city. The building complex consists of a guardhouse, ward building, artillery rooms, artillery batteries, a trench and a courtyard. In the exhibition-organization works of the Hıdırlık Bastion, it is aimed to exhibit the finds that were revealed during the restoration of the real estate and the materials reflecting the active period of the bastion. In the Hıdırlık Tabya, which was built between 1886-1888 and used as the headquarters of the famous Edirne defense in the Balkan Wars, firearms such as cannons, rifles and pistols reflecting the Balkan Wars Period and the Early Republic Period, cannonballs, cannonballs and cannonballs, to be evaluated separately within the scope of exhibition-arrangement works. war equipment and military clothes reflecting the period are also exhibited.

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