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Turkish History Museum

The intellectual infrastructure of Etimesgut Municipality Turkish History Museum and Park was put forward 5 years ago. For the last 3 years, Turkish and foreign sculptors have unearthed works of art in the museum at the Etimesgut Municipality Sculpture and Ceramic Workshop. There are 207 sculptures, 7 compositions, 4 giant panoramic paintings, and 8 replicas of Turkish inscriptions as works of art in the Turkish History Museum and Park.  

In the Turkish History Museum and Park, starting from the Scythian/Saka period, Göktürk khans and women, the founders of 16 Turkish states, the Seljuk sultans, the Ottoman sultans, the commanders of the War of Independence, the great Turk thinkers, the founders of the Turk Republics, the intellectuals representing the Turk Republics and In addition to sculptures representing scientists, poets, writers and artists of the Republican period, there are compositions of Ergenekon Epic, Kürşat and 40 Çerisi, Göktürk Archers, War of Independence Horsemen, 1453 Conquest of Istanbul, War of Independence and Çanakkale War. In addition, five different Atatürk statues honor the museum.

Also, the famous painter Yaşar Zeynalov's giant panoramic paintings with the theme of Ergenekon Epic, 1071 Manzikert Victory, 1453 Conquest of Istanbul, and the Battle of Sakarya, Kul Tigin, and Tonyukuk from the Göktürk period, for the first time in Türkiye, Moyun from the Uyghur period. Replicas of Çor, Terkin, and Dolodoy monuments, the Turkish History Panel where Turkish history is reflected in 17 paintings, the Turkish Language Panel describing the five-thousand-year development of the Turkish language, the Ankara Archaeological Structures Panel, the Ankara Architectural Buildings Panel, and 3 Phrygian reliefs are located in the museum.  

In addition to all these; the Turkish History Museum with its 120 square meters Kyrgyz Lodge, a library with 45,000 books, a conference/theatre hall for 650 people, a multi-purpose exhibition/training hall, a souvenir section, and a restaurant/café, it is a cult work and a cultural complex that will take place in the promotion of our country in the international arena as a science museum. 

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Summer (21/03/2022 - 23/09/2022)
09:00-18:00 (Monday : Close) Saturday 09:00-18:00 Sunday 09:00-18:00
Box Office Closed 18:00
Winter (23/09/2022 - 21/02/2023)
09:00-17:00 (Monday : Close) Saturday 09:00-17:00 Sunday 09:00-17:00
Box Office Closed 17:00

Children ages 0-18 - Citizens of Turkey Free
Children ages 0-8 - Non-Turkish Citizens Free
65 and over - Turkish citizens Free
Students (Studying art history, archaeology and museum departments in university) Free
All Adults (International and Turkish) Free
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Türk Tarih Müzesi ve Parkı, Kepir Cad. No:1 Bağlıca, Etimesgut/ANKARA
+90 (312) 939-9821
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