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This building, which houses the Adnan Menderes Democracy Museum, follows the model of the house commissioned by Hacı Ali Pasha in the 1940s. The original house, built by Hungarian builders, is where Adnan Menderes spent his youth, and it is known by the locals as the towered house.

The museum's mission is to accurately depict the life and memory of the ninth Prime Minister, the late Adnan Menderes.

The Adnan Menderes Democracy Museum’s layout has a chronological order. On the ground floor, there are displays on the life of Adnan Menderes as well as the coup d'état that took place on 27 May 1960. On the second floor,  a spherical 360° immersive display based on a 365 calendar allows visitors to explore the foundation of the Democratic Party, its values, its mission, main events, facts, and figures associated with it, as well as the party’s policies, legislations, public investments, and institutions.

The museum also displays Adnan Menderes’ personal belongings, such as his official state vehicle. One of the most valuable items on display at the Museum is the tractor manufactured by the Turkish Tractors and Agricultural Machinery Corporation (Türk Traktör ve Ziraat Makineleri A.Ş.) on April 6, 1955. This tractor is the first of its kind to be produced in the Atatürk Forest Farm (Gazi Çiftliği) in Türkiye.

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