Tekirdağ Muratlı Atatürk House

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The house was established in Muratlı District of Tekirdağ Province in order to settle some of the Turkish who immigrated in Bulgaria between 1934-1935, pursuant to the article on Exchange of Populations in the Lausanne Agreement dated July 24, 1923.

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who visited Muratlı on June 3, 1936 to see the status of the residences of the immigrant residences under construction in Muratlı, was welcomed in a house opposite the train station. The daughter of the family living in this house served Atatürk a cup of coffee.

When the conditions of that day are considered, the house was well furnished and Atatürk was pleased with it. He requested these words of him to be noted: "O lucky immigrant. Do not forget June 3. The greatest person of the country came as a guest in your home, he sent his love to all of you."

In this single-storey house consisting of three rooms and a kitchen, photographs and ethnographic works related to Atatürk's arrival in Muratlı are exhibited today.


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Tekirdağ Muratlı Atatürk House Muratlı / Tekirdağ
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