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The main reason of the cultural wealth of Van City, which is located at an intersection point of civilizations, is the inheritance of many civilizations that it embraced. However, there is one civilization between these civilizations that maintain culture on handicrafts of Van City and continues to ornament the works, crags and immense lands. The Urartians that emerged in this region in 9th Century BC, and chose Van City as the Capital City, had succeeded to become a civilization onward of its age in Architecture, Technology, Arts and Mining. Van Museum which enable the Urartians to be known more closely and with its all aspects, awaits the visitors who want to see the inheritance of all civilizations that made an impression on the thousands year history of ancient Van City and especially the spectacular civilization. With each of the 23 Exhibition Hall in Museum built on an 13 thousand square meter area with modern museum perceptive, the visitors go for a journey at history of Van City, one of the rich cultural inheritance city of Turkey with its thousands
of precious monuments. The Urartians are the focus of the works in the Museum, which has passed visitors through a time corridor beginning from the Paleolithic Period, which was lived about 500 thousand years ago. It is possible to obtain all kinds information about arts, social life and culture of Urartians with parallel the findings discovered at archeological digs in and around Van City.Naturally, Van City did not end with Urartians. It continued to be a significant and a strategic settlement at the each period of Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk, Akkoyunlu, Karakoyunlu and Ottoman. You can also see the works, coins and ethnographic works that shed light on the Van folk culture in the Museum.

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