Van Castle

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Van Fortress/Tushpa is situated on a conglomerate rock of 1300 meters length, 100 meters width and 80 meters height on the eastern shore of Lake Van. Van Fortress clearly shows the remains of the Urartian Kingdom’s characteristic buildings to its visitors. Van Fortress is the most impressive and unique city of Iron Age Anatolia. Evliya Çelebi likens this new city, declared capital in 840 BC by King Sarduri I of Urartu, to a sitting camel. It is possible to see the ruins of structures such as Sardur Bastion, City Walls, ‘Analı Kız’ Open Air Temple, and Stairs of Argishti I. Van Fortress is an open-air museum since it was an uninterrupted settlement from the Urartian State to the Ottoman Period.

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Van Castle Eskişehir Mahallesi, İpekyolu İlçesi / VAN
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